Redland City Marina has identified that many boat owners in today’s busy lifestyle simply cannot take the time out of their working week to slip and complete the maintenance on their boat.

That is why our Slipway operates 5 days a week lifting boats up to 30 Tonne / 60ft giving our customers more flexibility around their busy schedules.

Our Marina recognises all boats cannot be slipped the same way, that is why Redland City Marina has many different slipping methods to accommodate most boats.

Our newest addition is our 30 Tonne Hydraulic Sealift which has given us a wider, safer and more efficient way to slip our customers vessel.

Working alongside our 30 Tonne Hydraulic Sealift Redland City Marina has several custom built trolleys for slipping out Mono Hulls, Multi Hulls and House Boats.

Our onsite manager Ken has a wealth of knowledge in the boating industry is happy to discuss your slipping options as to which method would be most suited to your vessel.

After the haul out, it is recommended that you take advantage of some of our onsite services, including our high pressure wash of the hull, Antifouling Application, Prop Speed Application, Repair and Maintenance Sheds, Hardstand and Onsite Trades People.

Please call the office on 07 3207 7506 for more information.